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A course web site

Game of Thrones & Medievalism title text on a background of an medieval style imagery of figures fighting a dragon

Game of Thrones & Medievalism Podcast (HIST492 @ UNBC)

I have to love a course site built around a topic but tied into pop culture. Dr. Dana Wessell Lightfoot at UNBC has crafted a course resource for…

Medical Radiography site screenshot

Camosun College Medical Radiography Clinical Education

Why is this site inspiring to you? Because one of our instructors approached me to get her started, and then was off an running!  It has also now…

Screenshot of website title that says Kwak̓wala at NIC

Intro to Kwak̓wala

Why is this site inspiring to you? I love the use of audio and hearing the pronunciations of Kwak̓wala words and phrases. I also love that this is…

screen shot of website of small photo boxes of mushroom varieties with short text explanations under each. The photo boxes are clickable.


A photo collection (taken and shared by students) for a course labeled BISC 326  of mushrooms found in local nature.  There is a short text commentary with each…

Student Research and Public History at the North Pacific Cannery, Prince Rupert BC

This is a student-led site used to celebrate and share outcomes of their field school.

Cover of WSÁNEĆ Sky blog with a image of the moon faintly on the left


This project is combining the author’s high quality images of the moon and sky with traditional storie. The photos are taken on unceded territories of the WSÁNEĆ and…

Alternating screens that show the front of the web site, first a picture of a puppy with a description, than larger images representing the posts that are student projects

The Dog Files

TRU law professor Katie Sykes created this site as a portfolio of projects by students her Animals and the Law class: A class assignment was to create an…

Front page of HIST333 @UNBC

WITCHES – From Roman Times to Harry Potter

I love how the instructor provided all the resources in a public WordPress site and then engaged with the class privately using Mattermost. I think this combination is…