A photo collection (taken and shared by students) for a course labeled BISC 326  of mushrooms found in local nature.  There is a short text commentary with each photo explaining where it was found, what it is, etc.

Why is this site inspiring to you?

This collection now has over 900 photos submitted and even if you aren’t interested in mushrooms it’s a great example of an engaging, student driven collection.

Who should see this site?

Instructors who want students to collect visual and share visual artefacts.

What ideas/elements from this site might you want to use in your own work?

Replace this text with any features (design, technical) that you think you would like to borrow/copy/steal

Where is this site?


Shared By: Tannis
Image Alt Text: screen shot of website of small photo boxes of mushroom varieties with short text explanations under each. The photo boxes are clickable.