I have to love a course site built around a topic but tied into pop culture. Dr. Dana Wessell Lightfoot at UNBC has crafted a course resource for HIST 492 that includes week by week reference materials, readings, and connections to class resources.

But the real gem is a collection of podcasts that tie into the weekly topics like Episode 2: Race, Racism, and the White Saviour Complex andĀ  Episode 4 “Religion and Violence” and

From the site description

Ever sinceĀ Game of ThronesĀ debuted in 2011, popular media and academic scholars have debated its relationship to medieval history. George R. R. Martin, the author of the book series on which the television show is based and a producer and consultant for the show itself, has stated that he read everything he could on the medieval world in developing his series. At the same time, however, Martin admitted that his interpretive choices are not reflections of medieval Europe, but refractionsā€”in other words, they provide a sensationalized impression of the medieval period that is designed to tell a good story and keep the audience interested.

This course will examine the tension between the historical Middle Ages and its modern representation, using theĀ Game of ThronesĀ television series as an example. We will explore how themes such as power structures, disability, gender, class, sexuality, and justice relate to the concept of Medievalismā€”recent perceptions of the medieval period rather than the historical Middle Ages.


Who should see this site?

This is a great example of providing in the open course materials for anyone interested in the topic. Even without having access to the class sessions, there is much for anyone interested in history to benefit from.

It also shows how you can build a course around pop culture references that people already have a vested interest in.Ā  The language and feel of the site fits well to that theme.

What ideas/elements from this site might you want to use in your own work?

The structure of it is very sensible, and I like the way it also ties into Mattermost as a place for class discussions.

Where is this site?

Check it out! https://hist492.opened.ca/podcast/

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