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A student or teachers portfolio of their work

Front page of a web site of hand drawn comic images that features on the left navigation to different categories of responses and the tight has examples of the drawings, each a link to a student\'s back story

Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly.

Dr Jessica Motherwell MacFarlane has been putting the TRU Collector theme to use in several different courses where she encourages students to respond to an activity (or series…

Homepage for Alison\'s blog, with a header image of alpine peaks and the latest blog post \

Alison 101

Alison’s blog looks like it’s a portfolio format set up for EDCI 337 (Interactive and Multimedia Learning) at the University of Victoria. From her About page we know…

Web site with title \

Learning the Ukulele

Written by an unnamed student (except for their username in the footer) in the University of Victoria EDCI 336: Technology Innovation in Education course, this blog records their…

Alternating screens that show the front of the web site, first a picture of a puppy with a description, than larger images representing the posts that are student projects

The Dog Files

TRU law professor Katie Sykes created this site as a portfolio of projects by students her Animals and the Law class: A class assignment was to create an…