Dr Jessica Motherwell MacFarlane has been putting the TRU Collector theme to use in several different courses where she encourages students to respond to an activity (or series of them) with an image of a hand drawn comic that illustrates the response

Why is this site inspiring to you?

Her approach to these activities is very innovative and invites students to respond in a medium of not essay text, but visual representations. Artistry is not required, but in doing so, she is teaching students basics of visual representation.

The way Jessica used these sites is having student “tag” their responses with a unique, non personal identifying code that allows one to see all of the works of one student in a single click. Her usage called for a few more features I was able to add to the theme to accomplish this, including a short code that generates a full list of all tags, see https://drjgetcape.opened.ca/all-stories/

but also a new theme option that for the Tag view, the items or listed in order of oldest first, rather than the WordPress default of newest first, creating then a display closer to the proper “order” of a multipanel comic, e.g. https://drjgetcape.opened.ca/tag/cap3-jordm/

She also prompted addition of a few more options for alternative image descriptions (an option to make it required).

But beyond these technical issues, this is an extremely creative assignment, see also previous examples she has done where psychlogy students talke about research on life events:

Where is this site?

See, explore, and be inspired by Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly… https://drjgetcape.opened.ca/


Shared By: Alan Levine
Image Alt Text: Front page of a web site of hand drawn comic images that features on the left navigation to different categories of responses and the tight has examples of the drawings, each a link to a student\'s back story