Written by an unnamed student (except for their username in the footer) in the University of Victoria EDCI 336: Technology Innovation in Education course, this blog records their reflections and progress in the course, including their Free Inquiry project (the subject of which is the name of the blog)

Why is this site inspiring to you?

The voice is very honest, and it’s interesting to read through the author’s uncertainty with the start of pandemic era classes conducted via Zoom. However, I can also see a lot of self motivation and sharing of curiosities and questions.

The student starts with deciding between project ideas for learning to play the ukulele and a cooking project, then we see how they settled on the former as the topic  and all of their progress (including difficulties) collected in their Free Inquiry category.

The writing is clear and I really appreciate the use and attribution of images from Unsplash.

Who should see this site?

I would recommend this as an exemplary site for a course or project portfolio. I would say for this kind of project the portfolio would be greatly enhanced by using audio as examples of progress.

Where is this site?

Learn about Learning the Ukulele at https://myedci336blog.opened.ca/

Shared By: Alan Levine
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