This is the home of the Open Douglas community of practice group at Douglas College open to faculty, staff, and students interested in advocating for and sharing the use of OERs and open pedagogies.

Along with sharing events, resources, it offers updates on open education efforts, notably the OER Inventive Grants that are co-supported by Douglas College and the Douglas Student Union.

Why is this site inspiring to you?

This represents a valuable use of a WordPress site as a hub for a project, information, and news. It’s cleanly designed and makes use of (and attributes) open licensed images.

It also shows how the openETC can be like a network of networks, that there are groups at different institutions who are working directly with faculty and students on open education.

Who should see this site?

This is of interest for anyone looking at how to organize a project site as well as maybe an inspiration for other institutions to organize their own communities of practice.

Where is this site?


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