This site created by Josie Gray is a scholarly work toward her Master of Design in Inclusive Design at OCAD University.

Why is this site inspiring to you?

The attention to detail here shows that the creator considers a podcast as more than just posting audio (the attention to accessibility, full transcripts, extra resources, clear licensing).   Also, providing the ability to interact via is a nice touch.

But it also clearly conveys the voice and spirit of a human ins ways templated tools usually lack.

For one, podcasting is one way to make academic work more accessible. When people talk, they are more likely to use everyday language. In addition, podcasting is meant to be public. I don’t think you can call something a podcast if you don’t share it. And it allows you to easily distribute audio content on the open web, so anyone with a device and internet can access it. With that publicness comes increased visibility and accountability for the work that you do. I also am making sure that transcripts go live at the same time as the audio to give people options in how they engage with content: You can read, you can listen, or you can do both depending on your ability, your preference, and your context.


Who should see this site?

This is a fantastic example of a web site as a scholarly publication but also a useful model for creating a site built around audio/podcasting.

The site makes great use of menus, widgets, an audio player, and clean design principles.

What ideas/elements from this site might you want to use in your own work?

I like seeing an information / welcome as the landing page, rather than the typical blog reverse chronology of newest “stuff” first.

Where is this site?

Tune into the series and get ready for the ones yet to be published at

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Image Alt Text: Web site image for The Open Knowledge Spectrums Podcast showing the top of the about information, the logo, and an embedded audio player.